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In the process of women group formation for Goat Distribution on July 2, 2022  in Rasuwa, Nepal

Income generation for women

Goat-raising/farming is a very popular and environment-friendly enterprise in mountainous parts of Nepal. It has obvious benefits like low investment, easy to handle, rural women-friendly and high return in short period. Actually, goat-raising is a traditional activity for rural families in Nepal. As a project, this activity becomes community-based and the benefits are optimized by collective efforts. 

In 2011-2013, DFP International had identified, studied and implemented a successful goat raising project as a part of community /women empowerment program in Rasuwa, Nepal.  Inspired by the success of first goat-raising project, DFP International was thinking to launch other goat raising projects in rural areas of Nepal. Presently, the organization has studied another project in the vicinity of the first goat raising project in Rasuwa, Nepal. The project lies in Uttargaya village ward no. 2, 3 and 5. The project has been found feasible and the organization launched it on July 2, 2022. The project will benefit 12 women from disadvantaged communities. Along with goats, some pigs also will be distributed.

Skill development and self-employment for women, Rasuwa, Nepal

As a new concept, Development for Peace International is studying to provide skills to disadvantaged women and equip them with necessary tools and environment for becoming successful microentrepreneurs. For this, the process for the identification of potential women has already initiated. Presently, to begin the project, two women are under consideration. They will be provided with necessary training for tailoring and given tailoring machine and clothes to start their business. The women are basically from Uttargaya village, ward no.3, Bhorle, Rasuwa, Nepal.